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Celina Sheinin

Celina Sheinin
Celina Sheinin


Celina is our cosmetic tattoo artist as well as co-owner of Lucky Strike and as such, manages most of Lucky Strike’s business affairs. When she’s not tattooing, she’s usually working behind the front counter or chatting up clients around the shop and offering them candy or blankets to make sure they’re comfortable during their tattoo. Aside from tattoos and cosmetic tattooing, Celina loves anything that has to do with dogs, yoga, cooking/baking, Pikachu, Wonder Woman, and quiet time.


Certified in Cosmetic Tattooing and Skin Revision in the spring of 2016, she now offers cosmetic tattooing services out of Lucky Strike including semi-permanent brows (microblading), as well as permanent brow shading/feathering, eyeliner, lash enhancement, lip liner and lip shading. For pictures of her work and more information about her cosmetic tattoo services as well as skin revision services, please visit her website.



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